Derek Zeng

Loneliness is the gift of life

God and Stackoverflow

Everybody should have a god in his heart. This god is not necessary to be Jesus or Buddha. Generally accepted idolism gave us an abstract interface, it’s up to us to implement our own God. Jesus and Buddha is just some excellent examples. Even these famous implementation of idolism exhibit certain variations in different country. This is because many people also extend or override the original beliefs. For example there are 2.1 billion Christian in the world today. But many of them do have their own call of Christian. Chinese Christian call themselves Christ Follower.

I would also like to have my own implementation of God, who could give guidance in some authoritative name. It’s just a simple function, easy to do. And no name for me. So the first guidance I would like him to give is “Don’t give up, Don’t be depress, Everything will be fine”.


Why some people at stackoverflow has such a high reputation?? I guess one reason is because they really have answered people’s question. Another reason maybe they have another account and use that account ask some question that they think other people would find useful and answer it themselves. Just a guess.

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