Derek Zeng

Loneliness is the gift of life

Stack Overflow

I am a veteran stack overflow user. Most of time I only read answers I needed. I rarely find any questions I can anwser because, they are either already handled by other professional or too complicated that requires too much time investment.

However, I did have a time that I eagerly needed to boost my points so it looks nice on my resume.

I kept searching and answering questions related to my domain, mostly Backbonejs with a little android developments.

My profile points start to increase steady at times, but only when I spent a lot on it. It reached 800 before I got my new job, then I stopped working on the points.

The interesting thing is that some answers I gave many years ago still keep getting me points. In particular, an unaccepted answer to solve the display of images of different dpi on Android earned me 200 points in total intermittently. Link I thought it was pretty amazing! Now I have over 1k points, though I didn't answer any questions for years.

But when I'm able to, I still try to help people. For example, I was searching answers for a vim commenting plugin and found a related but not so easy to understand answer.Link

I think the answer is working, but I find vimscript hard to understand. So I came up with my own python version. I hope some people will find my solution cleaner.

These are some fun things about Stack Overflow, an awesome platform for doubts and confusions.

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